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Sunday, May 06, 2007


Nicole and I listen to Veggie Tales CDs in the car on a regular basis, we know the words backwards and forwards. Of course, from time to time, Nicole will ask me what a word means. At the end of one of the CDs, one of the characters exlaims, "Can I get a refill on my Tang!" Intrigued, Nicole asked me about Tang. I explained to her that it was an orange drink loved by many people including my best friend Sonia and that it was used by astronauts in outer space because it could be easily mixed in water. I eventually bought some and she has actually taken a liking to it which is fun since mostly all she drinks is water (and the occasional apple juice, sip of coke and gulps of tea). Tonight, after waking from a little snooze, she said she was thirsty and would like some Tang. After helping me make it, she asked if she could watch an episode of the Backyardigans. At first, I said no because we needed to eat dinner and get ready for bed since it was getting late, to which she responded, "Well, now that I have my Tang, I have to watch the Backyardigans because they are going to Mars!" How could I refuse such logic?


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