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Sunday, January 21, 2007


Nicole attended a birthday party at My Party Palace, http://www.mypartypalace.com/, this weekend. At "The Palace", little girls arrive and choose a cute little princessy party dress, shoes, jewelry, wands and tiaras and after they change they get a turn sitting at little makeup vanities to have their hair, nails and faces done up. Nicole looked adorable and of course had to pose (I have no idea what she is doing in the second pose) for a few photos including these:

The fun part came when the 4 year olds walked down the little pretend catwalk while the 'moderator' said a few things like what the "Princess'" favorite color was or favorite food. When it was Nicole's turn, the answer pink as her favorite color was no surprise, but when it got to the part about her favorite food, the answer of meat caused most of us to burst into laughter. I have no idea where she gets it, but being born in Texas sure doesn't hurt.


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