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Saturday, July 28, 2007


For a 5 year old, Nicole is really verbal and learning new words everyday. Occasionally, she gets a word wrong here and there. When we were at Costco and I was picking up the latest JK Rowling book she exclaimed, "Hey, you are getting the new Harry Hotter book!" I giggled a little, but not too loud so as to embarrass her too much, and corrected her that it was Harry Potter. In addition to being into vocabulary she is really into what she wears and seems to know what is in and what isn't (as well as telling me what I should be wearing). Today, she was wearing an adorable dress that was smocked/gathered on the bodice, tied on the shoulders and then was straight to the hem. When her cousins came today to swim, she decided to fill them in on her outfit and said that she really liked it because it had a 'vampire' waist. I corrected her, of course telling her it was 'empire' not 'vampire'...at least she tries to use new words even if she doesn't quite get it right.


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