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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Akumal Barbie

Every morning before school, Nicole and I go through a ritual of deciding which toy(s) she can take to school that day. Some days it is the My Little Pony or the little stuffed dog and panda bear that we bought in Richmond, or any number of other toys and stuffed animals that she has to choose from. This day, she chose the cute Barbie doll that Pedro (grandfatherly name for Pete, the spousal unit's father,) and Susan, (Nic's step-grandmother, Pedro's wife) surprised her with on our family trip to Mexico. Susan had come up with the cute name of Akumal Barbie because of the little beach acoutrements (towel, surf board, jam box and recreations Starbuck's coffee cup) that came with her and after the quaint beach location we spend some vacations. After dropping Nicole off at school I went to my hair appointment, ran a few errands and then returned to pick her up. I gathered her belongings from her cubby, signed her out and returned to find her outside with a group of other children. As I approached Nicole, she exclaimed, "She got a haircut!" and I replied, "Yes, I did!" thinking that it was unusual for her to notice because it really was just a minor trim. Nicole quickly corrected me stating, "No, Momma. Bella gave Barbie a haircut!" I looked at Barbie, who appeared to be unchaged from the front view, only to turn her around and find that there was a considerable amount of hair missing from the backside. I have named this new do the "reverse mullet". Do you think this style will catch on in Hollywood?

Exhibit A & B:


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