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Monday, April 03, 2006

Nutella Day

We started the morning walking around Montmartre on another wonderful Stacy-guided tour. (It was this morning that I got the full affect of what the Cosby’s had seen the night before upon exiting the metro…way too many neon signs with the word ‘sex’ in the title!) I was determined on this day to eat a crepe with Nutella and brought Alise down with me. She was pretty impressed and had a worried expression on her face when I mentioned she could probably find Nutella at any grocery store in Austin…it is pretty addicting. Nicole rode another fanciful carousel at the base of the Sacre Coeur cathedral and then we visited a pretty church right near the Metro stop, Abessesses. Due to the fact that we were really ‘burning the candle at both ends’ it was not surprising that Nicole was ‘running out of candle to burn’. So after a quick successful walk in search of a quant restaurant, La Durer, that Jay and I enjoyed several years ago, Nicole and I returned to Stacy’s for a nap while Alise and Stacy visited La Conciegerie, Sainte Chapele and Notre Dame. It was the ladies' turn for a night on the town, so after I dropped Nicole off with the Cosby’s, Stacy, Alise and I headed for dinner at Closerie des Lilas. Many travel books describe it as THE place to eat since several famous, and infamous, people have dined there. One of the reasons I wanted to return was to get another taste of the steak tartare that Jay and I had eaten on recommendation from a Parisian friend. I split foie gras ravioli with Alise then ordered the slab of raw beef. Alise had some succulent beef in a rich wine sauce and Stacy had some pretty tastey fish. (I would say the ravioli outshined the steak tartare on this visit). We had some decaf coffee but we were way too engorged for dessert…good thing because they brought us some tiny tartlettes and dried mango anyway…just enough sweet to end the meal. Alise and I retrieved Nic from the Cosby’s place then rode a taxi back to Stacy’s just in time to harass her for a few minutes before slumber.


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