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Monday, March 06, 2006


I love reading Sunday Morning comic strips. Usually, if I buy a paper on Sunday morning, I read the Parade, leaf thru the ads and then read the funnies. One of my favorites is Baby Blues for obvious reasons...that being that as a mother, I can relate to the content. I also read BC. One time there was a short strip about golfing where in one of the male characters is trying to teach the female character how to golf. The female character says, "Let me get this straight. The object of this game is to get this little ball, into that little hole, hitting it the fewest possible times." "Yes! Yes!" exlaims the male homo sapien. "Then why do it at all?" she innocently asks. Fast forward to night, as drawn with the moon and stars out, and the man is repeating, "Why---do it---at all..." Which brings me to my point...why write a blog at all? This is a question I am constantly asking myself as well as who the hell cares what I have to write. Do I really think that one day I will get paid for it like www.dooce.com? I guess if I continue to post and even sometimes post funny commentary or just things about life that strike a chord with someone out there, then that is the point of writing.
More on this topic later....


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