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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Anyone who has children past at least the age of talking can understand how tired one can get answering all the questions a young child can ask. For those of you non-child bearing individuals, think of the scene between John Candy's character, Uncle Buck, and Macauley Culkin's character in one of my favorite John Hughes movies. In this scene Macauley Culkin rapid fires a slew of questions at John Candy searching for clues into the life of Uncle Buck. Nicole is no different from other children at 3.5 years old and always wants things explained to her. One night while driving home from my mother's I mention to her that we need to make a trip to Target to purchase a couple of gifts for some of her cousins. When I also mentioned that it was too late to go to Target because it was dark out and that the store was closed, she seemed to accept that reason. Tonight, when I mentioned we would be making aforementioned trip to Target she matter of factly asked, "Well, what is on the windows, then?" Because I was unable to see the connection between going to Target and the windows I asked her what she meant and she remarked that "if Target is still open then it can't be dark out because if it were dark out then Target would be closed, so, what is on the windows?"


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Thanks for the comments. I tried to visit your blog and nothing came up...let me know if that changes.

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