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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Still Here

I don't have much to write about tonight...especially since the Super Bowl and its much hyped commercials were both rather bland. There were truly only a couple of plays worth noting and I can't even remember what happened in them except both of them had to do with bad calls by the referrees.
Of course, the other reason I probably can't think of anything to post is because I am still recovering from a night out with my brother and his wife (and in need of repairing all the damaged brain cells in my short term memory). We attended a formal builder sponsored casino night at the great Driskill Hotel (http://www.driskillhotel.com/) and enjoyed yummy food, free drinks and 'free' gambling. Chris and Cari were drinking Crown & Coke but the drink du jour for me was a dirty martini...they went down way too easy...all 7 of them. I was good at interspersing water in between the olive, vermouth and vodka concoctions, but since I rarely drink more then one glass of wine at any given dinner, or stay out past 2a.m. for that matter, recovery has taken a little bit longer. I am including a shot of the three of us pre-party...probably should have taken one afterwards to show how much were were dragging by the end of the night...but at least we didn't get a wasted as some of the older people at casino night still trying to relive there glory days. Of course you will have to take me at my word with no physical evidence to support this.


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