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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dreamland Forest

One of Nicole's favorite cartoon characters is Dora the Explorer. She has a Dora backpack, Dora play schoolyard with figurines and this great Dora book about a sleepy owl.

Normally, as we read stories, we sometimes go off on tangents about different topics that directly or indirectly relate to the story. In this particular case, we talked about how owls are similar to bats in two ways, they are both nocturnal and they both have excellent night/dark vision. The latter comes in handy for the owl when they have to go through a dark tunnel to make it to Dreamland Forest. The owl saves the day with his night-vision-goggle-like eyes to bring the group to safety. After making it through the dark tunnel, they arrive at their destination, Dreamland forest, where owl will presumably be able to catch some zzzzzzs. The publishers of the book overlooked a fact that I guess they thought most toddlers would not catch, but our 3.5 year old Nicole recognized it and said we had to tell Dora. Can you find the error in the picture below?:

That's right, the nocturnal owl who is only supposed to sleep during the daytime is sleeping at night! Oh the horror! Nicole advised me that I must tell the people who publish the book (not in those exact words mind you, she is smart, but still has some learnin' to do) that they are wrong and should correct the image to reflect the owl sleeping during the day and not at night.


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