Dame Folle

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Nicole has fallen asleep next to me and her arms are like noodles. I love it when she falls asleep so hard that she no longer seems to have bones in her limbs...it is fun to pick up her arm and watch it fall to the bed...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Best Friends

If you ask Nicole who her best friend is, she will remark without hesitation that it is Bella. Nicole met Bella when she was a year and a half at Triumphant Love Lutheran Child Development Center. The girls are about to turn 4 this summer and Bella's mother and I are already talking about making sure they go to the same elementary school together. I don't want to engineer who her friends are, but these two are on track to set a new record for friendship that I have with my very best friend Kim. She and I met when we were about 2 or 3. (The story of that fateful day is a little blury in my mother's memory which no one can blame her for since she had 8 kids when all was said and done). Anyway, it has been my friendship with Kim, that has survived despite my family moving across the country, going to different colleges, and living in different states that sustains me on bad days. Come to think of it, most of my friends I have known for many, many years and I give them equal credit for supporting and loving me....I just want to be sure that Nicole has that same great friendship(s).

Monday, May 08, 2006

Booster Seat

I didn't realize how sad I would be the day Nicole moved from a 5 point harness carseat to a booster, but I am. She is getting so big so fast and she is definitely not a baby anymore. Milestones can be so bittersweet when it comes to children...

Monday, May 01, 2006


Many mornings I try to get dressed before Nicole wakes up, but I often find myself doing other things and then have to keep her entertained while showering and drying my hair. Yesterday, she was asking me to go thru some of the features of her favorite video, Veggie Tales Easter Carol, just as I was about to dry my hair. I figured that the number of clicks to move through the list of previews wouldn't be too difficult for her to be able to follow so I showed her the two buttons she would need and voila! she had it figured out in no time.

Now I am a little worried that I have created a monster....